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Shopping Mall Management System


This is a fully integrated Shopping Mall Management solution with modules such as Branding and Prospecting, Lease Management, Billing and Accounting, Turn-over Rent and Tenant Sales Management, Customer Services, Property Management that covering Work Order and Tenant Fitting-in.

The system can be enhanced to interface with 3rd party middleware solutions such as Head-count, Kiosks, 3rd party POS, e-Payment, and Loyalty system to capture customers’ activity and spending within the shopping mall. Our Data Warehousing offers consolidated reporting for single and multiple sites.

Corporate Building Management System


Shopping Mall operations are more complex and comprehensive than managing a Corporate Building. Our system designers adapted a less complex approach in Corporate Building system development, streamline certain functions and features that were mandatory in Shopping Mall management.

Modules offered include Branding & Prospecting, Lease management, Billing and Accounting, Customer Services, Work Order and Renovation.

The real time site map allows management and site operation team to enquire the up to date status of tenants’ leases, outstanding payment and vacant space.

Serviced Apartment Management System


In addition to our standard Lease management, Accounting and Property Management features in this Serviced Apartment system, we offer flexible long-stay and short-stay lease management module that allowing Apartment guests to book in and out without lengthy checking procedures.

One of the most commonly used features in this system is the customized service package often requested by the long-stay guest. Lease negotiation to include rebates for International calls, Laundry, Housekeeping, Limousine, restaurants and hotel bars spending etc.

Cloud-based POS/Mobile POS Solutions


This POS system is one of the most innovative POS systems available in Asia to date. Apart from managing sales transactions, gathering member’s spending information, and collecting tenants’ sales data, it has specific features supporting various online payment gateways such as Wechat Pay, Alipay and Apple Pay, etc.

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