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Beijing Oriental Plaza

Beijing Oriental Plaza is located at No.1 Chang’an Avenue, Beijing. This is one of the largest commercial complexes in Asia with a site area of approx.100,000 sq.m. and a gross floor area of approx. 800,000 sq.m. It houses 8 blocks of Class-A Corporate Buildings, over 800 rooms 5-Star Serviced Apartment, the Grand Hyatt Hotel and a 130,000 sq.m. high-end Shopping Mall. Previously owned by Hong Kong Cheong Kong Property Holdings Ltd., the Company was listed in Hong Kong under Hui Xian REIT in 2011.

We installed the three integrated management systems since 2002. The systems are in full operations for nearly 18 years.


Beijing Parkview Green

Beijing Parkview Green Mall is invested and managed by Hong Kong Parkview Property Group. It is a first-of-its-kind commercial complex that put shopping mall, 5 Star luxury boutique hotel, corporate buildings and art gallery under one roof in Beijing.

We provide Parkview Green our integrated shopping mall and corporate building management systems since 2010 and continuously support them for maintenance service.



Shanghai Metro City

Located at Xujiahui area in Shanghai, Metro City mall and corporate buildings are invested and managed by a joint-venture company. Established in April 1993, Metro City is famous of its giant sphere shape glass exterior and being recognized as one of the landmarks in Xujiahui area.





Qingdao Parkson Lion Mall

Parkson Group is a leading retail and department store group in China, established since 1994 in Chiina. Qingdao Lion Mall is the first shopping mall invested by Parkson Group in China, cover an area of 230,000 sq.m

We provide Parkson Qingdao Lion Mall an integrated shopping mall management solution.













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